IsoSport™ developed Ease CBD Capsules to help you train and recover. These capsules deliver CBD99™ crystalline formula, herbs, and cartilage support for natural CBD pain relief.

Get the most from your training.

You train hard. Your CBD pain relief should work even harder. That’s why we developed IsoSport™ Ease CBD Capsules.

The proprietary blend in these capsules combines a powerful CBD99™ crystalline formula, East Asian adaptogenic herbs and cartilage support for long-lasting relief from pain, tension and discomfort, naturally.

Pain Relief

Support for reduced inflammation and improved repair.

Joint Function

Support for reduced inflammation and improved repair.


Herbs and cannabidiol for combined benefits.


Support for pain relief and balance.

Muscle Function

Support for protection and quick repair.

Systemic Balance

Nano-powered CBD for maximum benefits.

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